Summer 2021

Chhing Chhing Kompul Sneh

24 episodes · TV Ongoing 少年江湖

Set in a fictional world where everyone has spiritual powers except Lu Qing Qing who tries hard to master them but to no avail. But that changes one day when she meets the arrogant playboy Prince Nangong Yi Xin, who’s both wise and warm-hearted.

Choub 1Reatrey Nisai 1Jivit

30 episodes · TV Ongoing 夜色暗涌时

Xu Qing You is a hard-working, focused woman with a senior position at an up-and-coming firm. She is devoted to her job and is also in a relationship with Fan Yun Xi, whom she has been dating for 10 years. They are planning to wed in the near future, but when she discovers he had a fling with another woman, she is incensed and decides to break off the engagement. She later heads to a bar to drink away her sorrows.
At the bar, a man named Mo Ling Ze performs a musical number on stage. She recognizes him as a man she’d run into earlier in the day in the street and had a minor and slightly unpleasant exchange of words with. She is very drunk and starts talking to him. The next day, she wakes up in a hotel room with only vague recollections of the end of the night, assuming that she has had a one-night stand with him. To her horror, she turns up to a meeting the next day…only to discover that Mo Ling Ze has taken over the operations at her company. The duo is forced to spend time together, but eventually realizes that they have a lot in common and appreciate one another’s charms. Meanwhile, her former fiancé is desperate to win back Xu Qing You’s heart. Will she return to her former love, or could a new romance be in the cards for her?

Choub Sne Jai Don

24 episodes · TV Ongoing

This is a story of how the ‘rabbit’ (Gu An Xin) brings home a ‘big bad wolf’ (Ling Yue) when she chances upon the hotshot executive after an accident. His injuries and the accident were the result of an ugly fight for succession at a powerful conglomerate. But none of that was evident initially; he first appeared stupid but slowly proved himself to be a genius. With two people so different from each other living together, what kind of relationship will they have?

Chueng Khlang Knung Piphop Kun

Tencent Video
40 episodes · TV Ongoing 且试天下

Hei Feng Xi is handsome and elegant, while Bai Feng Xi is majestic and unrestrained. Opposites attract as both are unrivaled in skill and intellect. Caught in the warfare and chaos of the martial arts and political worlds, the flowers of love begin to bloom amidst the blood that has been sacrificed within the last ten years.
Trying to keep their identities hidden, they constantly have to be three steps ahead when dealing with much political unrest, betrayal, infighting, and the ultimate battle for the imperial throne. They join hands, seeking justice while trying to calm the ever-growing uncertainty brought on by unseen malice. But will their love bring peace to a chaotic time, and who will ultimately rule the world?

Lbeng Sne Kuch Khjorng

Channel 3, ViuTV
30 episodes · TV Ongoing พราวมุก

As part of a superstitious marriage to ward off bad luck, teenagers Praomook and Chalantorn are temporarily married to help Chalantorn’s luck. Chalantorn has always thought of Praomook as an ugly duckling and a nuisance, while she has always been in love with him.
Years later, they meet again by chance in South Korea, where Chalantorn gets shot. Believing that the misfortune is back again, his parents ask Praomook to marry him to dispel it. In exchange, they offer to buy back her father’s house, which they lost due to his debt and was a burden on her. Praomook agrees to marry him, vowing to make him fall in love with her to get back at him, while Chalantorn believes she is manipulative and selfish. To get rid of her, Chalantorn pretends to be in a gay relationship with his best friend, Rut, who is attracted to Praomook and wants to win her over.
While looking for the person who is trying to murder Chalantorn and spending their days trying to challenge each other, Praomook and Chalantorn fall into a love-hate relationship.

Songkream Than Taing3

61 episodes · TV Ongoing

Yan Dan is the sole relative of the old clan the Four-Leaved Lotus. Yan Dan’s whole existence is a mother lode of meds. She and twin sister Zhi Xi changed into human structure hundred years before while going to the Sovereign Mother’s Gala, yet Yan Dan confronted the best preliminary of her life – the adoration preliminary. Falling head over heels for Master Ying Yuan brought about her squandering the accompanying 900 years attempting to fail to remember him. Such an exorbitant cost to pay!

Presently the steady Yu Mo enters her life, empowering her everyday to perform great deeds. While rebuffing evil, they experience Master Ying Yuan’s ongoing resurrection, Tang Zhou, the devil tracker. They help Tang Zhou in his journey to find the four old curios, uncovering a significantly more puzzling mystery. Might the triplet at any point find the proof they need regardless of the risks?